BSRP was created based on the belief of its founders that our country can and must be an involved and active actor in the Black Sea region, the Western Balkans and the Middle East – up to the Arabian Gulf


The Black Sea Regional Projects is dynamic think-tank dedicated to the development and enactment of regional projects promoting Romania in the wider Black Sea Region.

BSRP was created based on the belief of its founders that our country can and must be an involved and active actor in the Black Sea region, the Western Balkans and the Middle East – up to the Arabian Gulf.

Black Sea Regional Projects 2020 is a dynamic think-tank dedicated to the development of ambitious projects promoting strategic cooperation in the wider Black Sea Region. While acknowledging the groundwork of specialists that have been studying the region, the think-tank will focus on promoting and implementing projects capable of bringing about lasting positive change and improving the societies and economies of the wider Black Sea Region.

Behind the projects that the think-tank will focus on is an experienced team of professionals, who come from various backgrounds, with expertise which covers fields such as government, economy, public policy, social analysis, international relations, education, finance and business. The Black Sea Regional Projects 2020 organization will capitalize upon the knowledge and skills of all team members, thus offering a fresh and inter-disciplinary perspective on the most important issues in the region.

The team and the leadership of the think-tank are dedicated to the promotion of democratic values, economic cooperation and the strengthening of the partnerships between Romania and all the countries in the region.

Our Mission

Black Sea Regional Projects 2020 is dedicated to the study of the political, economic and security dynamics of the region

While the importance of the Black Sea region in political and economic terms has increased along with media attention and the body of literature dedicated to this problematic, there is still a gap in the understanding of the social reality manifest in the region. Combating the deficit of information and expertise in regards to the increasingly complex phenomena affecting this region is one of the main reasons our organization will dedicate itself to occupying this very important niche.

We bring together the most relevant experts in the field and put their expertise to good use, in order to develop relevant and long-lasting projects for economic, political and security development. The association aims to periodically release studies and impact analyses pertaining to the dynamics of the Black Sea Region. Moreover, BSRP has plans to organize international seminars and conferences dedicated to the problematic of the Black Sea Region.

At the same time, given that Romania as well as the other countries in the region still need to build up their knowledge and expertise, one of the association’s priorities will be to organize training and development sessions with interested parties. Important leaders and stakeholders of the regional cooperation projects will be brought together through these meetings and conferences, in an attempt to build durable relations between the political actors and the business environment.

Although there has been important progress made in the region towards development and the spread of thorough democratic cooperation, we realize there are still numerous obstacles to overcome. The association and its members will work to set-up, promote and support regional projects that have a strong private sector component and initiatives that can access European support.

The European Union is a key actor in the region and Romania aims to be a gateway for major projects, while supporting the ambitions of certain countries to achieve better cooperation regarding foreign policy objective or accession to the EU. Holding a firm belief in the values of the European Union, BSRP will offer expertise to the countries making steps on the path of integration and will help develop the EU’s strategic projects in the region.

Board and members

A few words about the board would go really well here. Nothing fancy.

Victor Ponta
President of Black Sea Regional Projects 2020

Between May 2012 and November 2015, Victor Ponta was the Prime Minister of Romania. He has also served as the President of the Romanian Social-Democratic Party (PSD) between 2010 and 2015.

Irakli Garibashvili
Honorary Member of the Board

Former Prime Minister of Georgia (2013-2015) and former business executive.

Daniel Constantin

A specialist in Agriculture, Daniel Constantin has been Romania’s Minister for Agriculture and Rural Development in 2012-2015 and is currently serving as co-president of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats (ALDE).

Nicolae Bănicioiu

A medic by training, Nicolae Banicioiu has served as a member of the Romanian Parliament since 2004 and as president of the Romanian Social-Democratic Party Youth wing. In 2012-2014 he has been Minister for Youth and Sports in the Romanian Government and in 2014-2015 Minister of Healthcare.

Mirel Palada

Mirel Palada has a long experience as a sociologist and public communication specialist.

Geanina Pușcașu
Executive Director

Geanina Pușcașu has worked as European Parliament assistant and, recently, adviser to the Prime-Minister of Romania.

Sorin Cîmpeanu
Founding member

A former Minister of Education, Sorin Cîmpeanu is an Agronomy specialist, currently serving as the Rector of the University of Agronomic Sciences and Veterinarian Medicine.

Florin Jianu
Founding member

With an experience of over 12 years in management, consulting and entrepreneurship, Florin Jianu has served as Romania’s Minister for SMEs. He was president of the Young Entrepreneurs of the European Union (JEUNE) between 2012 and 2014 and president of the Young Romanian Entrepreneurs’ Association between 2008 and 2014.

Cristian Socol
Founding member

Cristian Socol works as an economy teacher with the Romanian Academy of Economic Studies and is a contributor to some of the most prestigious Romanian publications in the field.

Dan Sultănescu
Founding member

With an important experience in social and political research, Dan Sultănescu has coordinated several important studies in political culture, civic involvement and youth public participation.

Marius Nica
Founding member

With a vast experience in public administration, Marius Nica was also Romania’s Minister for European Funds in 2015.

Robert Cazanciuc
Founding member

A law graduate, Robert Cazanciuc has a long career as a prosecutor. He was Romania's Minister of Justice between 2012 and 2015.

Also, members of BSRP: Titus Corlățean, Eugen Teodorovici

Our Projects

Our world and its future are still defined by the intelligent use of resources.

Given that most of the countries in the Black Sea Region still face the imperative of smart development, the projects promoted by BSRP will aim at efficient and affordable solutions in various fields, such as:


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